The Artistry of Vintage Teddy Bears

My artistry is diverse with designs ranging from antique reproduction bears and dolls to vintage teddy bears that are whimsical in nature. Many other animal characters including dogs and cats have joined the family as well. I offer my collectors, creations that are made from the finest mohair and alpaca.

The style is eclectic. I do not like to restrict myself to only a few designs of looks. Painters don't limit themselves to painting just landscapes, musicians don't just compose ballads, and therefore I want to challenge my skill set and creativity in my work for Bears of the Abbey.

As a collector and artist who now travel to over 15 shows per year, I see bears and animals of all dimension, colour and concept being adopted and loved. People are appreciating more and more different variations in the teddy bear art form, hence the increase in whimsical creations and the popularity of other animals.

I derive ideas and designs from my surroundings-people, places, stories, animation-and sometimes do have trouble narrowing the focus of my artistry to only a few designs at a time. This is a truly remarkable development for someone who never intended to learn how to sew.

I enjoy working with an antique teddy bear collector who has a special request e.g. to create a replica of her favorite dog. Custom orders are always welcomed for an exclusive line of bears for a shop. Bears of the Abbey will gladly create that special character piece for your store. Inquire about our wholesale pricing on individual adoptions, limited editions and exclusive sets.

Bears of the Abbey have enjoyed working with over the years, some of the most prominent retailers in the industry including The Toy Shoppe, Hibernation, Village Bears, Dollsville Dolls and Bearsville Bears and Collins Gift Shoppe.

We admire the fact that the teddy bear like music and other art forms is truly universal. The bear bypasses language, culture and religion-the bear is able to truly defy boundaries, serving as a medium to unite us. Let us never underestimate the power of the teddy bear.

A couple of memorable moments include my artistry receiving a TOBY Award and a few of my creations being adopted by actress Demi Moore into her private and extensive doll collection.
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